INDA cordless outdoor lamps unify gorgeous, forward-thinking design with cordless, eco-smart LED technology. Cast a warm, golden glow over moonlit terraces and twilight garden parties with no worry about available power sources. Illuminate spaces safely in wet or damp conditions, and easily move lighting to create a mood wherever you desire. Light is placed at just the right height to complement furniture scale and seating height. INDA table and floor lamps strike the perfect balance of stability outdoors with ease of mobility. INDA LED lights are rechargeable, delivering full radiance for more than six hours. Each lamp includes a lamp base, a 3-panel UV-resistant polyethylene shade with anodized aluminum frame, warm white rechargeable LED light, charging base with cord, and remote control that provides on/off control within a 4-meter radius.



Lamp bases are available in jewel-toned handmade, high-fired ceramic or low-luster, lightweight concrete with the silky touch of a Venetian-style plaster. Soft white, UV-inhibited polyethylene lampshades are supported by silver-tone anodized aluminum frames. Light module color temperature is 233.15k–333.15k, with Kelvin brightness of 288–432 lumens | CRI: 80. Bulbs lock to lamp bases for secure operation. Optional accessories include individual light modules, additional light charger sets, and a 6-pack multi-charger. Charging bases recharge INDA LED light modules in approximately 5 hours, with each charge lasting up to 6.5 hours.