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These are general guidelines to Seasonal Living’s ordering policies. Please refer to Seasonal Living Sales Terms & Conditions for complete details. The sales order is the final say on goods ordered and priced. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to carefully check and review the Sales Order Acknowledgement and ensure that the order is accurate.

Submitting an Order

Each calendar year, you must provide us with a copy of your reseller tax identification when—or before—you place your first order.

  • When you establish an account or when your account is renewed each year, submit a written purchase order via PDF, fax, US mail, the SeasonalLiving.com site, or via an authorized Seasonal Living independent sales representative.
  • We send a Sales Order Acknowledgement that confirms the current price and estimated lead time of the product based on the product availability information we have at the time we receive your order.
  • The Sales Order Acknowledgment is our contract with you and confirms that we accept your order.
  • We process the order and generate an invoice when the product ships from our warehouse.
  • Due to the nature of a global supply chain, initial order delivery dates can change. We will update you with delivery date changes.

Order Changes

  • Additions, quantity changes, or specification changes to accepted orders generate a new Sales Order Acknowledgement for the entire order.
  • Changes of any kind can potentially affect shipment dates.
  • All sales are final.
  • To cancel an item or reduce a quantity, you must make the change at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled shipment date.
  • The 3-day rule does not apply to any custom or discounted purchases—these purchases cannot be changed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or delay any accepted order if your account is not paid in full, for poor credit, or for inconsistent payment history.

Reserving Product

We can choose to reserve a product for a buyer, subject to these requirements:

  • We notify you that the product is reserved.
  • Product is reserved for up to and including day 5 after notification.
  • You pay a nonrefundable deposit for 35% of the purchase price.
  • Product must be paid for in full within the reserved period.
  • After 5 days, the deposit is forfeited and will not be credited against future orders.

Contract vs. Residential-Grade Products

Some of our products are suitable for use in hospitality, food-and-beverage, and other commercial environments. Where possible, we note that a product is suitable for contract use on the website, but we cannot confirm that any product will meet all contract requirements in every environment.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you select the appropriate product type for your intended use.  Seasonal Living is not able to accurately assess your intended uses.
  • Specify that the product is for contract use on your written order.
  • Define your specific contract-grade requirements.
  • If you require specific testing or laboratory reports, we will assess a fee for each test required.
  • Non-contract products used in contract environments are no longer subject to manufacturers’ warranties.
  • If in doubt, read the Product Care Instructions and the Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty in full prior to submitting your order.
  • It is your responsibility to thoroughly read, understand, and strictly follow all assembly instructions, posted Product Warnings, Notices, and other important information prior to placing your order with Seasonal Living.

Special Orders

For some product collections, we accept orders for items and colors that are not normally stocked:

  • Special orders cannot be cancelled after the order is confirmed.
  • They require either a 50% advance deposit or payment in full.
  • Any balance is due in full before product is shipped from our manufacturing facilities.
  • Once the advance deposit has been received by Seasonal Living, there can be no alterations and or modifications to any Special or Custom Orders unless approved in writing by Seasonal Living.

Custom Products

Custom orders require the following:

  • Correct, accurate, and professional to-scale drawings, including dimensions in millimeters and inches.
  • Any specific requirements including (but not limited to) safety and or specific State or Federal guidelines (for example California Proposition 65 requirements, labeling, fire requirements etc.) must be included on your Custom Purchase Order. It is your responsibility to make sure that your custom order meets all use and installation requirements.
  • Final written authorization from buyer to begin manufacturing
  • Color by USA Pantone name and reference number
  • For fabric, complete fabric details including brand, SKU # and fabric name
  • A minimum order quantity for the particular custom item
  • A 50% non-refundable advance deposit, due when the order is confirmed by buyer
  • Balance is due either when product ships from the Seasonal Living warehouse (or factory) or once Seasonal Living confirms in writing that Buyer’s overseas manufactured custom order is ready for shipment.
  • Custom orders incur special shipping charges. We reserve the right to pass on all cargo or shipping charges to buyer.
  • Confirmed custom and special orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable (including deposits).
  • Lead times vary—we provide an estimated delivery date but cannot guarantee it.
  • We will notify you when we receive your customized product. You have 7 days to pick it up. If the order is not picked up within 7 days, you forfeit the product.

Container Orders

We accept container orders. Our products include Net, Gross, and CBM dimensional information to help you determine the correct container size. We work with our manufacturers to fit ordered item into the container, but there can be 10-15% of items that will not fit (container spillage). In that case, you will be responsible for additional costs associated with having to order a larger container or incur the cost of shipping the balance of your order via Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL) shipping. Additional charges will apply.

All container orders require:

  • Bill-to company name, address, and contact information
  • Ship-to address with contact person, telephone or fax number, and e-mail address
  • Complete, detailed Purchase Order including Seasonal Living product/SKU number, product name, colors, and dimensions
  • Nonrefundable, non-cancellable 50% deposit before order will be processed
  • We provide an estimated delivery date but cannot guarantee a final date. Container delivery dates can vary 20 or more days.
  • If you are not ready to receive a container, you will be responsible for paying storage charges.
  • You must settle all storage and related charges before delivery.
  • You are responsible for providing us with written, current details of destination government requirements at least 6 weeks before container is packed.
  • You are responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state and or federal government requirements: California Proposition 65, Fire Standards, Law Labels, Law Packaging Labels and others relate to where or how the product is labeled, packaged, stored, sold, merchandised or displayed. This information must be included in writing on your Purchase Order.
  • Complete freight forwarder contact information
  • With Purchase Order, you must advise us if you will handle shipment from country of origin or if you would like us to arrange shipping. If you ship through a third party, we will charge a handling fee.
  • Goods are not shipped until we receive full payment of all amounts owed.
  • Buyer is solely responsible for all fees relating to purchase.
  • You have two hours to unload all delivered containers. After the second hour, late container charges are assessed. You will be billed these charges within two weeks of the container being delivered to you.
  • You must sweep clean the entire interior of all containers delivered. Charges apply for containers returned dirty and including other debris.
  • You have three days to open and inspect the entire container order. We are not responsible for shipping, unloading, or unpacking damage.
  • We pack products based on our standards. If you need additional packaging, you must specify this on your Purchase Order. We will provide a quote ahead of time. We have no liability resulting from buyer-requested packaging modifications.

International Orders

We accept orders from around the world.

  • For buyers outside of North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, you must check with us in advance to ensure that we can accept your order. Different product collections have different requirements.
  • It might be possible to combine shipments from different manufacturers in the same country into the same container. Check with us before your order is processed.
  • Buyer is responsible for costs and risks associated with combining shipments.
  • Buyer is responsible for providing us with Customs entry requirements.
  • Buyer is responsible for requirements for allowing their order to enter their country.

Back-Ordered Products

If an ordered product is back ordered, we will notify you on the Sales Order Acknowledgment with an approximate ship date.

  • If a product is back ordered by more than 30 days, you can either cancel the item or pay a 30% non-refundable, non-creditable, non-cancellable deposit.
  • If we do not receive your financial deposit within 7 days of the Sales Order Acknowledgment, we will automatically cancel the item and e-mail you a cancellation order.

Clearance Products

Occasionally we place items on clearance. Clearance products are sold on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

  • No product warranties are offered.
  • All sales are final. Products are sold “as is.” Unless noted otherwise, your product will be the same quality as other products we sell.
  • No cancellations, returns, refunds, credits or exchanges are accepted.
  • Full payment is due upon order.
  • Shipping charges will be billed prior to shipment from our warehouse.


Product prices do not include taxes.

  • Texas residents and orders delivered in Texas will be charged state sales tax.
  • You must pay all required taxes or provide us with a state-issued, reseller tax certificate.

For complete details on doing business with Seasonal Living, visit SEASONAL LIVING SALES TERMS AND CONDITIONS.