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These are general guidelines to Seasonal Living’s payment policies. Please refer to Seasonal Living Sales Terms & Conditions for complete details.

Typically, payment must be made in full at the time of order, unless Stocking Dealers or Design Trade Showrooms have established credit terms with us. For orders within the US and Canada we accept payment in:

  • US dollars
  • Wire transfer
  • Business checks
  • Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards
  • For orders placed outside of the U.S. and Canada, we accept:
  • Wire Transfer
  • Full payment in US dollars
  • We charge credit cards when an order is processed for a deposit or at our warehouse.
  • Product is shipped only when we receive full payment or subject to credit terms agreed in advance.
  • We email your paid invoice(s) for products and shipping charges the same day we ship the product.
  • Container and custom orders are invoiced depending on payment receipt and product shipping.
  • Additional shipping charges apply for custom orders shipping from another part of the United States.


Product prices do not include taxes.

  • Texas residents and orders delivered in Texas will be charged state sales tax.
  • You must pay all required taxes or provide us with a state-issued, reseller tax certificate.

Payment Timing

  • Payment in full is required when you receive the Sales Order Acknowledgement or an email advising that your product is ready for processing at our warehouse.
  • If you do not pay in full within 4 days of this, your order is cancelled and we will send you notice of cancellation.
  • To reorder, generate a new Purchase Order.

Late Payment Fees

If you fail to settle accounts when due, we charge a 7% late payment fee (subject to change) per month on all overdue amounts.

Returned Check Fees

Checks returned to Seasonal Living for lack of sufficient funds will automatically be charged a banking charge of US$99.00 in addition to a US$50.00 re-processing fee.

Convenience Fee for Credit Card Charges

  • We impose a 2.5% convenience fee for all credit card charges.
  • You can settle any charges via direct wire transfer by contacting us for details.

Declined Credit Card Charge Fee

If we must contact you more than once via email that your credit card has been declined, we charge US$25.00 per credit card decline.

  • We provide a copy of the declined charge each time we levy a charge.
  • All credit card fees for declined charges must be settled before we ship goods.
  • If you cancel the order, credit card declined fees remain on your account and must be settled before we accept any new orders.
  • Credit cards declined more than 3 times will have orders closed and we will send an email with a copy of your closed order and fees charged.


In-store Credit

Seasonal Living might occasionally issue In-store Credits, which expire if not used within 6 months from date of issue.

Credits vs. Refunds

We sometimes issue credits to a buyer’s account. In rare circumstances, we will issue a cash or credit card refund.

For complete details on doing business with Seasonal Living, visit SEASONAL LIVING SALES TERMS AND CONDITIONS.