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These are general guidelines to Seasonal Living’s shipping policies. Please refer to Seasonal Living Sales Terms & Conditions for complete details.


Title to product passes from Seasonal Living to buyer when products are shipped from our warehouse or factory.

Automatic Shipment

When your order is confirmed, we will automatically ship all in-stock product and ship back ordered product as it becomes available. You will be provided with best-estimated shipping charges on your Sales Order Acknowledgement.

  • If the shipping estimate exceeds 25% of the product cost, we will notify you via email.
  • If you do not respond within 48 hours, the order will be automatically shipped and you will be invoiced the shipping charges.
  • If you ask us to ship your product, we will select the carrier and best form of shipment. If you request us to hold orders for complete shipment, you might incur storage charges. Shipping is FOB point of origin unless otherwise agreed-upon in writing.


We use third-party independent common carriers to transport products. Terms and conditions are set by the carrier and are non-negotiable.

  • Product prices do not include handling and shipping charges.
  • Shipping estimates are subject to change until your order is confirmed and ready for shipment.
  • Shipping quotes are valid for 20 days only.
  • We will notify you by e-mail when your product has shipped, provide a tracking number if appropriate, and provide a copy of your PAID invoice.
  • Products are only delivered Monday through Friday and delivery times vary.
  • Commercial address deliveries are made during normal business hours to a commercial loading dock
  • Items are heavy and delivery companies require a lift gate or loading dock.
  • Any additional services needed to unload your product will be charged to your account on file.
  • We do not offer direct residential delivery.
  • Any special delivery requirements must be specified in writing when the order is placed.

Shipping Rates

Trucking “Less than Load” (LTL) rates are determined by the National Motor Freight Corporation (NMFC) and are based on shipment weight, class, and dimensions. Displayed transit times are estimates only and do not include pick-up day from Seasonal Living.

  • LTL shipments are not guaranteed delivery dates.
  • If you require a guaranteed delivery date, you must specify the guaranteed date of delivery on your Purchase Order and you will be charged a higher shipping rate.
  • Overly large shipments can incur additional charges and transit days.
  • If you dispute shipping charges, submit the dispute issues in writing to us within 30 days of freight delivery.

Handling Charges

If you contract transportation with your own carrier, we charge a handling fee to cover shipment packing and preparation. Seasonal Living reserves the right to charge a US$49.00 handling fee for all orders below $1,500.00.

If you cancel all—or part—of an order once it has been picked, you will be charged a 35% re-stocking charge plus fees incurred to stop a shipment in process and all related shipping charges.

White Glove Service

We offer a White Glove Service option for handling commercial deliveries with special requirements. These might include an exact delivery point, specific product unpacking instructions, flights of stairs involved in delivering to a specific area, or other requirements.

If you require White Glove Service, please contact us for the White Glove Service Order form. When you place your order, you must provide:

  • A detailed address and contact telephone number for appointment scheduling and delivery location
  • All information related to property access, unloading conditions, and vehicle restrictions at the delivery address
  • Specific White Glove Service requirements

If the information you supply us with is either insufficient and or incorrect, the White Glove delivery company will assess additional charges. These additional charges will be billed to you directly. If you specify a residential address (not eligible for White Glove Service), you will be charged US$200.00 per delivery in addition to shipping charges that were assessed prior to shipment from the Seasonal Living warehouse or factories.


If you receive a package in error or receive the wrong product(s), please contact us within 48 hours to arrange for pickup and re-shipment of the correct products. You will not be charged for shipping. Keep all packing materials or you will be charged for re-packing the product for return shipping.

Delivery Access

If a product must be delivered through adjacent properties, you agree that you have obtained permission from property owners. We are not liable for damages incurred as a result of using adjacent properties.

Damaged Products

Because ownership passes to the buyer at the point of origin of shipment, you become responsible for any damage claims. Damage claims should be handled with the delivery carrier, or in some cases, through our damage claim process. We can provide more detail upon request. In general, here are tips to keep in mind when receiving a delivery:

  • Product is delivered to the ship-to address. Failure to inspect the shipment upon delivery constitutes a waiver of the buyer’s rights and is equivalent to acceptance of the goods. The buyer, a buyer’s agent, or the customer should carefully inspect packaging for the entire shipment before the delivery driver leaves. If you see rips, tears, dents, or other packaging damage, it should be noted and initialed by the delivery driver on the Bill of Lading. If it’s not, the delivery company will deny the claim.
  • Photographs are essential. We strongly suggest photographing the entire shipment as it is unloaded from the delivery truck while the driver is still present. Keep all photographs until you have fully inspected all of the items.
  • Forwarded products need additional insurance. If your delivery is being forwarded to another destination, our damage claim obligation ends at the initial delivery address provided by the buyer. We are not liable for damage resulting from multi-destination shipments. You should obtain additional shipping insurance for onward shipments.
  • Inspect for concealed damage.  The buyer must open and inspect products within 48 hours of delivery. Concealed damage is damage that cannot be easily found during physical inspection. If you do not inspect for concealed damage within this time, you waive the right to replacement.
  • If you find concealed damage, notify us by email within 48 hours of delivery. We will require a detailed description, the number of damaged items, and clear photos of the damaged product and damaged packaging. Unless the shipment is significantly damaged, we recommend accepting the shipment, noting all damage on the Bill of Lading, taking photographs, and inspecting the rest of the shipment.
  • Claims. If the shipment is damaged, we will provide you with a Damaged Product Delivery form that must be completed and returned within 3 business days. Complete the claim and include all photographs, the Bill of Lading, and a summary of where the damage was encountered. This will greatly reduce any claim delays. Retain all outer packaging, crates, and damaged product until the claim is resolved.
  • Replacements. We will not automatically ship replacements until the delivery company has approved the claim. Performing all of the actions described above will help accelerate claim processing.

Short Shipments

Any claims for shortages must be made to Seasonal Living within 3 days after receipt of goods.

Failure to Collect Product

In some cases, we might agree to store in-stock product. We will determine the length of the storage period and assess fees.

  • We will store products that are paid in full for a maximum of 7 days.
  • After 7 days, storage charges will automatically be applied to the account.
  • Storage fees will be 10% of the invoice total, excluding any handling or shipping charges.
  • All storage fees must be settled in full prior to shipment.

If you, the buyer, do not collect the product from our warehouse, we reserve the right to charge a monthly storage fee, which is due when you return to collect the product. If products are not claimed for 12 months, we reserve the right to sell or dispose of them.

For complete details on doing business with Seasonal Living, visit SEASONAL LIVING SALES TERMS AND CONDITIONS.