Leeward Dining Chair (Set of 2)

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Powder-coated aluminum frame HDPE (high-density polypropylene) Sea Wattle wicker weave Nylon glides Regular foam seat cushion with raincoat Sunproof Palazzo 163 Olefin zippered cover

A6207901407: Leeward Dining Chair (Set of 2)

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“Inspired by a lifetime of California memories, and a love of architecture and design, my goal was to create a timeless, classic, streamlined legacy collection that comfortably bridges the lines of indoor and outdoor living, that will thrive in many styles, environments, and climates.”
— Laura Muller
“We are steadfast in our commitment to sourcing materials mindfully and manufacturing our collection responsibly.”
— Laura Muller
“We use a combination of materials that depict natural environments and elements, inspired by my own personal healing experiences in nature, and to illustrate the data driven evidence about nature’s wellness properties, even when simulated.”
— Laura Muller
“Our collection embodies the Seasonal Living core values of sustainability, hand-crafted artisanal production and supporting small to medium producers around the globe.”
— Laura Muller
“Wellness is a result of making intentional choices that lead to peace of mind and inner joy.”
— Laura Muller
“Sustainability is about making choices that take into consideration intentional materiality with respect to lifecycle longevity.”
— Laura Muller
“Due to the longevity of the materials used, and the easy care characteristics, this collection was intentionally designed as much for indoor use as it has been designed for outdoor use, giving anyone who purchases this collection ultimate flexibility and performance. ”
— Laura Muller
“With both smooth and textured touchable surfaces, elegant clean lines, abstract shapes, and organic sensual movement in forms that are defined by their simplicity, The Provenance Collection celebrates the beautiful intersection of nature through the sand, sea, desert, and mountains; where sensuous curves and soft textures meet bold strong lines and contrast.”
— Laura Muller
Laura Muller